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Driving Test Centre in Banff

Banff theory test centre

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Theory Test Centre in Huntly

Address:- Huntly, Market Muir Car Park, Huntly, AB54 8ET

Email:- customercare@pearson.com

Phone:- 0300 200 1122

Driving Test Centre in Banff (Practical)

Address:- 220 Elgar Road South, Reading, Berkshire, RG2 0BW

Test waiting times:- 11 weeks

Banff driving test pass rate 2018

Driving Test Routes in Banff (Practical)

Route 1

Route Number 1
Name/ Number of Road Direction
DTC Ahead
North Castle St 2 nd right
Harbour Place / Devoronside EOR left
Carmelite St / Bridge St EOR left
Banff Bridge / Palmercove / Union Rd / Shore St / Crook O Ness / Skene St / Buchan St 3 rd left
Moray St EOR right, EOR left
Buchan St Right
Old Gamrie Rd Left
Berrymuir Rd EOR left
Duff St Right
Barnhill Rd EOR right
Duff St EOR right
A947 EOR left
Banff Bridge 2 nd left
Sandyhill Rd Right
B9121 – Whitehills EOR right
A98 – Banff EOR right

Route 2

Name/ Number of Road Direction
DTC 2 nd left
St Catherine St / Harvey Place Left
Moray View EOR right
Boyndie Rd (A98) 2 nd right
Whitehill Rd / Whitehills Village 3 rd left
Wilson Crescent EOR right, 2 nd left
Loch Lane EOR right
Seafield St Right
Knock St EOR left
Seafield St EOR right
A98 (signed Inverness) 3 rd left
After RAF memorial (signed Turriff) EOR left
A95 EOR right
A98 Right
Golden Knowes Rd 2 nd left
Tannery St Roundabout right 3 rd exit
Whinhill Rd 2 nd left
Bellevue Rd EOR left
Sandyhill Rd EOR left
High St  

Route 3

Name/Number of Road Direction
DTC 3 rd left
Clunie St Right
Fife St EOR left
Battery Green 2 nd left
Campbell St EOR right
St Catherine St 2 nd left
Moray View EOR left
Victoria Place Right
Boyndie Rd West 2 nd right
Gallowhill St / Whinhill Terrace Roundabout ahead
Whinhill Rd Left
Lucylaw Rd / Golden Knowes Rd EOR left
Boyndie Rd (A98) 2 nd right
Whitehills Rd (B9038) 3 rd left
Wilson Crescent 2 nd left
Forbes Rd Left
School Rd EOR left, EOR left
Loch St EOR left
Seafield St / Corrie Boag Rd EOR left
Sandyhills Rd (A97) EOR right
High St 2 nd left
Bridge St Right
Devoronside / Harbour Place EOR left
North Castle St  

Driving Lessons in Banff Driving Schools

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